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Watched Salim’s lower body day training session today at Great Neck Long Island Better Body Bootcamp and it was completely bad ass.

If you’re a member you probably know that we run nearly the same workout on Wednesday and Thursday in Great Neck. The Thursdays are to give you more convenience in the event life stepped in and prevented you from training on Wednesday, or if you want to come in and train the same body parts but with a twist.

The Wednesday and Thursday workouts are lower body and core days, and that’s a lot of what he had going. At each station, he had three variations of the bodypart that was trained. And the stations where 2 minutes each, which made them ultra-intense.

The fact that we run different programs at both locations is a great reason to join both of the bootcamps (for just a bit more). Although things never get stale because we’re constantly changing things up and keeping up the energy, there are benefits. You’ll get different members, different trainers, a different environment, and different workouts, but everything is still totally kick ass in every way.

If sweat is any indicator, great one today Salim!

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